Thanks for your kind comments this week. I’ve fallen far behind on email, but will get back to responding soon. Still thinking about the name for that creepy baby. Keep the suggestions coming! There is a front-runner, but they are all compelling in their own way.

So…I’m back to using a certain smartphone photo-sharing app. And lately there’s a medallion quilt sew-along over there that has captured my attention. I love the design—it’s sweet, it has some complexity, and everyone’s results are different. Here’s the photo in the book alongside Jacey‘s top all done.

My creation

I picked up the book it’s in, Liberty Love, in some hopes that the other patterns inside would be similarly interesting.

Liberty Love

While they may be nice patterns, they just aren’t quite my thing.

My creation

But maybe they are your thing? How about a giveaway? I bought the book to support the author and I’m happy to give it to someone who will get some use out of it.

Comment below with some ideas to help me with a new project… What verb or verbs do you associate with a relationship (friendship or non-platonic canoodling)? They can be verbs for any stage of the relationship (meeting, courting, marriage, ending, etc). I’ll select a winner at random next Friday, March 22. And, yep, international entries are welcome too.