Here’s some small bit of progress on Li’l Mo. Mainly just background to fill in the bottom right now, I hope to get to the interesting bizness on the sides by the weekend. Due to the demands of RealJob and the harsh realities of grief, I am running at half-speed and working twice as long to get it all done. There’s little time to do much else so chipping away at little 10×10 grids of stitches makes me happy.

More Li'l Mo

A commenter over on a phone-based photo site (a site that I have a hate-love relationship with) asked the following question about this project:

How do you not completely lose your mind doing this?

As usual, I allowed myself to have a visceral reaction to the question, it’s one of a type that I get from time to time.

While I lead with my optimistic heart and I assume the person who asked meant no harm, I must admit that I find that the way it’s stated makes it rather myopic and judgmental. There are more polite ways to ask the same thing, but these little comment boxes online and the current pace of life don’t necessarily encourage politeness.

Here are a few stabs at equally terse responses…

Why would I?

Because I don’t.

Because I am not you.

Because I seek to make something of high quality.

Because this project has deep and abiding meaning to me.

Eh, whatever. I don’t refrain from describing the scope of my projects as sometimes insane or a little cray-cray. But I think that I, personally, am doing fine and that the projects usually turn out pretty nice and are worth every effort expended.


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