Finished up that quilt top on Tuesday and sent it off to one of my longarmers. While it wings its way over to the other coast, I’m contemplating the quilting design…and fretting, of course.

But I’m also finally re-energized to create. That’s right: THE MOJO IS BACK! Although I’m still in that slow-motion, overly contemplative mode of mourning, my heart is virtually pounding on my chest walls and demanding release. I’m more than ready to find a way to memorialize my brother. But I’ve also realized that I need to find more ways to enjoy the life I have and express it in my work.

All the exuberance of that quilt top made last week? Yes. More of that.

Which reminds me that I made this similar design a couple of years ago. [Heh, and I finally did get some binding on it last month! My life really is that scattered.]

yep, you are.

We all need to be reminded of this from time to time. Let’s all try to embrace our awesomeness and foster exuberance! [Brownie points if this makes you recall Barney Stinson quotations.]

Have a great weekend!