With all this travel this year so far, it’s been strange not to have a nice portable project on which to make incremental progress. Sure, I stuffed some linen and floss into my suitcase for Chicago, but RealJob kept me so busy and tired that I never even thought about taking it out. I did consider popping into a yarn shop to get yarn and sticks for knitting a SOCK on the plane back. (The horror! And note I only suggest possibly knitting one.) But, whew, I came to my senses.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I’m very excited to get back to this Li’l Mo stitchery. I kinda missed this little dude.

Reached the left edge!

Before the project break, I reached the left edge of the design. And started in on some of the more interesting parts of the background. What do you think that red bit is?

red bit

But then, after a long contemplation, I decided to stitch the white background, rather than leave it unfilled. Even after stitching it all up and loving the texture, this likely will be a decision I’ll always regret.


Finished this small patch, but there are bigger blank areas elsewhere to come. Oy.


This portion feels weird, with all the paler tones and fewer details to worry about. But I hope that means it will go faster.


Progress is palpable now. Feels like about the halfway point? But really only one-third done.

Progress on that baby stitchery. Saving the top swath for last.


Oof. I need more hours in the day.