So…want to hear a story?

Once upon a time, there was this guy. Yeah, a guy.

C supposed he loved her. She supposed.

Is This "Love"?

And C loved him. Yes, she did.

Is This "Love"?

But while love was an action verb for C—comprised of a wide variety of things meant to enhance their lives—it truly was not for him.

His love was not the same.

Is This "Love"?

After some time, and after asking for what she needed, C stopped dreaming, realized this fundamental difference of opinion and ended their communion.

Is This "Love"?

Instead of airing grievances, C sought to learn and teach and get ready for the next guy.

Is This "Love"?

She’s ready…


The Details:

Materials: kona snow, various solids and semisolids from stash
Techniques: overall, a traditional log cabin quilt, machined pieced improvisationally by me; ideas for lettering from this book, longarm machine quilted by the amazing Pam Cole; hand-bound by me
Finished size: 67" x 77"
Started: March 24, 2013
Finished: April 16, 2013