Thanks a bunch, folks, for your sweet comments on my recent quit finish! It was one of those projects that came out of a need to vent, but transformed itself nicely into something better.

Despite that feverish quilting design-to-product turnaround, 2013 is feeling like The Year of Stitched Pointillism around these parts. I’m studying Seurat et al and learning quite a bit from hands-on experimentation in every aspect of the process. Of course, now I’m feeling restless about finishing that baby project.

that baby

Heh. Not too overconfident, I know now that it will turn out okay and there is little to learn from continuing to stitch. Well…the final region of background, stitched with several different tones of white, will be intriguing for a minute. But otherwise, that grass is bogging me down.

This is laborious yet meditative. And lately I’ve been meditating about the next project(s) while stitching. [Feels a little like cheating on that baby, but…eh whatever.] There is a thematic series brewing. I’m doing some research, designing in every free moment, and thinking way too far ahead.

fresh! new! fun!

My new hobby involves amassing the materials for the future projects. My plans pretty much close out the year and seem achievable. (That pile there is for an image half the size of that baby, but using twice the colors. Oy.)

Ahem, as long as I don’t keep screwing up. This little ditty below is the result of some big learning. (Grayscale is way more challenging that I thought it’d be!) It’s a bit of a failure, particularly because I’ve had to rip stitches so much that I sliced through the linen. Oops. But every rip and restitch before the hole in the linen was a useful evolution and revision of the design.

new little buddy

New linen and more floss is on the way for a do-over. And I’m getting ready for some parallel stitchery on two or three designs at once. Maybe this will keep the boredom at bay?

After the week we had last week (bombings, factory explosions, and brain-dead senators), here’s hoping for peace for a moment for everyone everywhere.