she's staring at me.

somebody’s watching me. she doesn’t creep me out like that baby stitchery does. thank goodness.

feeling all out of sorts these days: rushing around from thing to thing, trying to get things done under deadline, realizing i missed an April due date for something dumb, remembering pain and joy of the past, while wishing for calm in the now.

found time to sew a little yesterday on a transitional quilt project. it’s a simple, simple design—just a picnic quilt—but it has a message, it has been challenging to make myself make it, and i’m ruminating about how or if i’ll share it with you. eh, plenty of time to finish the patchwork and figure all of that out.

here’s hoping you’re all doing well. thanks for your kind comments. i read them all, reply within the thread to many. will get back to email responses in the next week or so. thanks for your patience.

happy may!