The lovely ladies of Mason-Dixon Knitting have arranged a celebration of WhipUp and Kathreen this weekend. I am still relatively speechless, but I think you all should know more about her and her achievements.

In this time of global interconnectedness, especially after about a decade with an online presence, it can be challenging to track-back a particular connection. Somehow, even pre-Ravelry and pre-Flickr, we textile folks found one another and sometimes friendships and professional relationships grew from there. Kathreen is one of those folks who just seems always to have been right there all along. In the days since she passed away, I’ve anticipated her comments here and there, felt an odd silence, and hoped for the future for her children.

For KR

I remember in 2005 she was developing WhipUp, a carefully curated omnibus crafting/lifestyle/art awareness and gathering site that filled a niche. It’s difficult to emphasize today the dearth of larger-scale sites for crafters back in the day. Kathreen imagined it and made it happen. There’s even a badass manifesto that she fulfilled and defended with compassion and conviction.

Because I experienced the site in real-time, it’s difficult to choose a favorite post; each week there was sure to be at least one that inspired me, challenged me, and taught me. Go on over there and take a stroll through the archives. No, really. Pour yourself a cuppa and start by searching on ‘guest posts’ to see broad diversity of content and the significant depth of discussions that she catalyzed.

Friends, if you are inclined, please also consider helping Kathreen and Rob’s children by contributing to their education fund. I gave. Every dollar counts.