1. Go get yourself a couple pounds of fresh local blueberries on a whim.

2. Panic. Who can eat two pounds of blueberries before they go bad? That’s a Willy Wonka scene waiting to happen!

3. Dream about making ice cream. You have that machine you haven’t used in over a year.

3.5. Prep the machine bowl thingy in the freezer.

3.75 Study up on ice cream and gelato recipes.

4. Realize how lazy you really are and how much you fear curdling custard.

5. Make a lazy cream slurry: With hand mixer, cream 4oz soft goat cheese with 3/4 cup sugar until smooth. Blend in 1 cup half and half, 1 tbsp vanilla and pinch of salt. Stir in 1 pint of heavy cream.

6. No. Nope. This is not low fat. This is the highest fat content you have ever blended. Just accept it.

7. Chill the slurry in the fridge for a couple of hours.

8. While that’s chilling, simmer a pound of blueberries with 3/4 cup sugar until the sugar is dissolved and the berries are a little mushy. Stir often. It takes a few minutes. Chill in fridge.

9. Churn the ice cream slurry in your machine according to manufacturer’s directions.

10. Layer the ice cream and blueberry sauce into tight-sealing freezer-safe container and then freeze for two hours before serving. Make the berry layers thin.

10.5. Go ahead and lick the bowl! The recipe makes a little more than a quart of ice cream, so there’ll be some scrapings left for taste-testing.

11. There will be tons of blueberry sauce leftover. Pour it over ice cream Use it on waffles. Or use it in other recreational ways…ahem.

12. Enjoy. The high fat content will foster ice crystals faster, so eat up faster than usual.

goat cheese and blueberries