If you’re a policy wonk like I am, then this week was overwhelming with all the SCOTUS decisions coming down, the incremental advance of immigration reform, and Wendy’s filibuster in Texas. And even though I usually let celebrity gaffes go by, I am allowing my mind to wander and over-analyze Paula’s deposition and how she managed the early fall-out. What a world we live in!

Took some time out this weekend to return to Li’l Mo. After stitching at 22 stitches/inch on those lips, these little x-s at 20 stitches/inch feel chunky and progress is speedy (in comparison). I even get to use the next larger needle (26 tapestry), so it’s way more comfy too.

Li'l Mo

He is just missing that hand, but the entire piece has quite a bit of background stitching and text remaining on the right and on top. Can’t really see it all at once while on the scroll frame though, so we’ll all have to wait for the big surprise after unfurling when it’s done.

My hope is a nine-month gestation in total. That’s three more months, if you’re counting.

Have a lovely, peaceful Sunday, please.