Gosh, that was one doozy of a summer at RealJob! So glad to move into…yet another season of dooziness. Boo. But I thought I’d pop in and tell you about the new quilt I’ve dribbled peeks of for the past month or so.

Back in February I had the great fortune to get to meet Charlotte Newland, a fabulous quilter from England who has a quick dry wit. [With similar science-y backgrounds, we kind of understand certain common weird experiences. Oy.] Her most recent art quilt, Woven, is quite gorgeous! Go look!

Anyway, we chatted a couple of times about quilt collaborations and came up with a transoceanic contrast project: compare British and US euphemisms for “getting busy.” Ahem.

I have a list, but could use more suggestions. What euphemisms do you use?

We set a deadline of August for finishing up and then blogging about the project. It was fun to update each other with design ideas and compare lists of must-include terminology. Here’s her teaser post.

Charlotte’s final quilt is a happy, colorful spectacular! Go see it now!!

But mine just keeps growing, slowly. We really are fixated here in the US and the list of necessary ones is way too long. It’s going to be king-sized! (That’s what she said.)

another one for the new quilt

Even Sheldon had to get in on the project. Oof.

In my mind’s eye, this will be a pretty funny quilt to put on a bed. So I’m motivated to keep going and slowly figure out how to put it all together. I kind of need to give myself a firm deadline because it really could go on forever. And I’m already getting discombobulated by thoughts of not wanting to offend non-hetero partners and trying to make a more universal and inclusive collection of terms. In the end, it seems it might be better to make three different versions rather than trying to fit everyone into a single patchwork. I’ll stop fretting and start sewing…

Have a great weekend!