This is the third post on here named “new beginnings.” Only noticed because the blog software inserted a ‘3’ in the URL. Anyway, that made me pause in what I was going to write about to wonder if I’m a cat slowly shedding her nine lives? Eh…I think there’s an element of resurrection involved, but mostly I just like leaving some things behind and looking forward to the next shiny new day.

There’s a chill in the morning air again and, like clockwork, the cycle of life at RealJob begins anew today. Here are some more snippets to close out the “summer.” I really wish I had gotten to do more of the things I love. But some old habits did return.

Finished up some delicate grunt work on a quilt…

finishing the delicate grunt work.

…so that I could sleeve it up and send it off to a show. (More details later.)

Sleeving for a show in Boston.

Harvested what likely are the last cukes from this year’s garden and then pickled them. Waiting a week to snarf them down just might be too much for me.


Finished up some spinning–just a patchwork of fiber scraps–that will self-stripe irregularly. And then I spun some more. It has been mighty fulfilling to get back into spinning. Going to try to figure out how to keep whittling down the wool stash without buying more.

Patchwork handspun yarn.

And I cast on for a sock.



Yes, that last one surprised the heck out of me. You see, I once knit a whole lotta socks and then I practically quit for years.

Umm, yeah.

But suddenly, this new beginning feels like an old one and it just feels like the most natural thing to do is to knit stockinette while reading.


Well, happy new year!