Today, on Labor Day here in the US, I’m off to work. For the past 14 years, I’ve worked every Labor Day holiday and resented it. This was always one of my favorite holidays as a kid with those last few sanctioned outdoor hurrahs of summer. Alas…

But I did take some time out to rest and to make stuff this weekend. There was some spinning, some knitting, and a lot of sewing. I’ve been experimenting with sewing paper quilts this summer, particularly trying to capitalize on the paper-ness of them. That is, it’s not enough to make paper patchwork, but rather one ought to make sure that the use of paper matters. Rigidity and flat 3-dimensionality came to mind.

Tesselations! Here’s a piece of my own noodling around with folding.


Or a patchwork of tesselations folded from one sheet of butcher paper? [In collaboration with my colleague Ethan Berkove.] A 36″ square of paper folded down into a 24″ square of delight.


Now, as a quilting purist, I wanted something with drape and flexibility that can (theoretically) be washed. After loads of practice, I finally quilted it up simply, with cotton batting and a muslin backing. It has a binding of Osnaburg cotton.


The weather is absolutely frightful here today, so a photo of the final quilt is not gonna happen soon. But you can see the quilt on exhibit at the Crease, Fold and Bend exhibition in Easton, PA during Sept 3-October 27.