So…yeah. I’m scarce around here these days because life is swallowing me up and not giving me a chance to breathe. Some of it is a happy form of busy-ness, but the rest might not be. There’s a newly finished quilt (or two!) to share with you and loads of plans for future projects to consider. Someday I’ll find my way back here on a regular basis.

Anyway, a flat tire in the wilds of NJ/NY kept me from getting to Rhinebeck last weekend. I was looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some folks I’ve “known” online for years. It was really disappointing and makes me not want to tell you where I’m going next weekend so as not to jinx myself again. But…I’m off to the International Quilt Festival in Houston! I have a quilt in the big show and I’ve never been to the festival before. I’ll just pop in for a day or two, but I hope to be inspired by all the awesomeness on exhibit and get to meet up with friends.

In the interim, let’s revisit a quilt to enter in the biannual Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

Do you remember Snuggleshott? It’s my odyssey of combining improv and precision piecing using every available color of Oakshott shot cottons.


Yep, that’s at least 83 colors. Seriously? Go big or go home, quilters!

It took about a year to piece. And then my friend Tia Curtis longarm quilted it like a boss! The dense quilting just dances over the surface.


This is absolutely my favorite quilt right now. It’s on the bed all the time and mesmerizes me. Honestly, do you ever wonder how you ever made something after you make it? This one creeps up on me and astounds me when I see it across the room. I was in the zone while piecing it and I can’t imagine how it all worked out so well.

Be sure to check out all the other quilts in the virtual fest: Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

And have a great weekend!