Well, why not visit with you a spell more?

I finished this new self portrait quilt this weekend and decided to share it in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival too. The other one is entered in the Scrappy Quilt category, while this one is in the Art Quilt category.

So…about that new quilt?

Yeah, I was just in the mood for a doodle. It was one of those moods when you ruminate about life, you know, your life thus far?


And then there was one of those usual annual reports of a newly confirmed correlation between birth order and intelligence. As a quantitative person, I almost always find these reports insignificant. Seriously? A difference of 2.3 IQ points? Well, knock me down!


Umm…no. Then also don’t get me started on the fact that correlation does not imply causation. Just don’t.

And as a youngest sibling (with a large gap in years between us), I wonder about the nuance. Does gap in age matter? Characterizations of only-children seem to better describe me sometimes. That makes some sense, given the gap—after age 12, I was pretty much alone.


Of course, this isn’t a therapist’s couch, so we won’t delve much deeper into the consequences of that, although I hope the artwork opens up the conversation.

Without ado, take a look further…

Channel quilting.


Self-Study #6: ...was forgotten.

I’ve done a series of “identity quilts” that I’ll remind you about sooner rather than later. [Another newly finished quilt will make sense only in that context.] This one just goes right along with it. In that series, I challenge myself to imagine Who I think you think I am and come up with a variety of responses. This project approaches the issue temporally as I ponder what happens when labels are attached early on and, in my case, when there is none.

The Details

Materials: All cotton solids; flour sack
Techniques: Self-portrait applique (reverse and regular); machine pieced; machine channel quilted; hand bound
Finished size: 12″ x 16″
Started: October 17, 2013
Finished: October 25, 2013