There is a new quilt to show you. And I hope you’ll take a moment to read about the background of the project before judging and commenting. The big reveal is tomorrow with detailed commentary and analysis here and on my collaborator’s website. I’d like to remind you of the body of work this quilt joins.

Well, well. So you might remember that I am making a two-pronged collection of quilts exploring identity and difference. Previous quilts in the series are “word” quilts like this one:


Other words in the series are oreo, princess, c*nt, and the n-word. They are within themselves expressive of the term at hand, separate works that stand on their own that are strengthened when viewed collectively.

And there are also the self-portrait quilts that are a different way to approach the same ideas. More explicitly, in these quilts I ask the viewer to see me in a particular way and question some common assumptions. You might recall this one:

Self Study #4: the one for T

They are quilts that explore the theme of who I think you think I am, along with tangential related themes like the Trayvon Martin case and the social values that create such a tragedy.

I haven’t collected the series into one location on this site yet. (Now that would be a good idea…!) But you can view them within the galleries of Quilts and Not Safe For Work Quilts. You’ll know them when you see them.

So what about the latest quilt?

Up until now, I’ve only allowed myself to express identity descriptors that I’d apply to myself or that I assume that others would apply to me. But this latest quilt is the result of a year of soul-searching and then vigorous sewing of a word that is external to my self-identity, but certainly prevalent in the society in which I dwell. My collaborator and I have taken the opportunity to interview each other and provide copious context for your consideration.

More on this tomorrow. Please come back!

Thanks, folks.