Hi there…! How’s 2014 going for you so far?

Things here are decidedly cold and frozen and snowy and windy and…well, er, you know…wintry. This tropical-minded chick is already starting to whine but tries not to annoy too many of the polar bears with whom she lives and works. Oy.

To get through the brief winter break from RealJob, I always try to start and finish a project that restores the mojo that drained dry since August. This break is no different. Want a peek?

Just my view

It’s been quite the learning experience from charting to buying supplies and to stitching. But it has definitely filled my mojo tank to the brim. Still a few days away from finishing, I’m desperate to finish to see how it turns out. As a process person, it feels great also to covet the product sometimes. And I cannot stop thinking about the next thing I want to begin before RealJob smacks me down again.

To start something new, one needs more supplies. Want to know my tool list?

About to stock up on tools for 2014.

I can always use more: small scissors, DMC plastic bobbins, scotch tape, pencils, cheap reading glasses, tapestry needles (size 26 or 28), rubber needle pullers, hoops, floss, and ArtbinIDS storage boxes. Oh, and I could always use more time and coffee.

Just stocked up on some of this for the next couple of projects. Lucky for me, I’ll even get more time starting in May. More on that later…

Have a great week!