April is the cruelest month at RealJob and this year it is the cap on the top of a very challenging time. There has been no time this year. No time.

You see, I try to do my job—every part of my job—and do it well. So that means making sacrifices, finding my limitations, and (in the best of circumstances) growing to expand my limits. Within this, it is important to find every possible little bit of time to challenge myself to be creative. This used to take the form of producing finished artwork, but the bits of time are brief and irregular this year. So it has taken the form of a zillion doodles.

Working it

Doodles are satisfying in their own way, but my heart needs a BIG finish now despite knowing that it will take a LONG time to finish BIG when working in drips of time and the insanely smallest of pieces. But I’m doing it. And every time I settle in to add a tiny bit to this, many worries are evicted from my mind, and the fissures in my spirit begin to heal.

I haven’t decided what will become of this when it’s done, so this is likely the only photo I’ll show until it is done and dusted and secure somewhere. Cryptic, I know. But it’s all part of a plan…

Have a great weekend!