This is the time of my year when things explode and then slowly, slowly taper off. April was a horror show of busy-ness and in May it feels like you’re taken out of the wringer and allowed to reclaim your life bit by bit.

In this time of endings, it’s impulsive to look back on the year. Normally I’m quite proud of all that I’m able to do, but this year was very different. Since August 2013, I’ve finished just one big thing, this slow selfie embroidery. And I’ve been languishing in the same LandOfOverlyDetailedWork thereafter. It’s exciting to be able to get this sort of work to work, but a girl needs a quickie every once in a while—er, well, a relatively quick finish. I crave that feeling of success and accomplishment in my RealLife, while RealJob seems to eat me alive.

A friend reminded me yesterday that I’ve actually been doing this stitching. Even though I mentioned it above, I hadn’t truly recognized this work as significant and I was beating myself up for not foregoing more sleep in order to make more.


Anyway, this side-eye is the appropriate way to view my 2013-14 season of being. I’m ready to immerse myself in art for the next 15 months and try to figure out a few things.

…more on that later.

Have a great week!