So…I have another new quilt to show ya. It’s sort of the first evidence that this is my first summer vacation in five years.

On a whim, I signed up for the MQG’s Michael Miller challenge. Now, if you know me or if you know my usual quilt work, then you know this is the furthest you can get from my values and instincts. But, eh, whatever. You gotta try some things before you can be critical. Right?

Tune in next week

A few fat-eighths of prints arrived and I put them aside to marinate. Got some coordinating solids from the same manufacturer and finished off a bolt of Osnaburg with this one. Those prints are not meant to be next to each other, but they goof off well as a team, given the space to roam.

improv therapy

Immediately upon release from the bulk of RealJob back in May, I just started playing improvisationally with the fabrics.

more improv

Log cabins and deconstructions in rectangles and squares started reminding me of mid-century modern graphic design with bouncing geometrics in colors much like these.

Tune in next week

After a few days, it felt like “play” turned into “work” however, but I stuck it out to make a big square of patchwork. I didn’t unfurl the final patchwork before popping it into the mail to the longarmer. Part of me wanted to be surprised…and maybe avoid disappointment?

Tune in next week

Anyway, the amazing Pam Cole longarmed a panto lickety-split and I fell in love with it.

Tune in next week

Call me the Comeback Kid! Heh. This was essentially my first full quilt in a year.

Tune in next week

And it’s nice to be back in the game.

The Details:
Materials: commercial prints and solids; osnaburg cotton
Techniques: improvisationally machine pieced; longarm machine quilted by the amazing Pam Cole; hand-bound by me
Finished size: 64" square
Started : May 10, 2014
Finished: June 12, 2014