While things have been quieter over here on in this space, life has certainly been quite the opposite in real life, which likely is the reason for the neglect here. Hmm…

How about a bit of “honest studio”? My space will never be in those slick magazines!

explosion of colors

Amid this feverish Crafturday improv piecing session for a giant quilt (on deadline, no less…!), things truly got out of hand in the tidiness department. Notice the indigos on the floor in the background and the piles of sewing machine parts in a jumble on top of the shelf there. And, really, a good vacuuming would be welcome. Of course, I prefer the chaos while I’m working, I strive for perfection but actually would rather see something a little askew.

Mostly I’ve spent the past three months working harder than I usually work because I have had the freedom to decide how to spend all my time. I might have gotten myself into more stress while on summer vacation than I do while in the more intensive times of doing the full RealJob. But this stress this summer turned into much more energy to then find the right way to solve a problem and begin to carve out new paths. That’s all a little cryptic, but maybe you get the idea?

More specifically, I’ve traveled a bit; I’ve spent time with friends, family, and colleagues; I’ve devoured countless books on math, physics, art history, philosophy…ahem, and novels…, while also getting to putter in my tiny garden and experiment in producing new-to-me forms of art. It’s been a summer of renewal, long denied—my first summer break in five years.

And now I’m ready to hunker down and get more substantial things done. More on that soon.

Have a great weekend!