Okay, not really ugh because things are exciting and fun and feeling purposeful these days. But there’s a lotta meandering going on right now. Wanna see some more pineapple blocks?

More pineapple

These are some labor-intensive little 3.5″ guys. Each block takes about an hour. And now that I have more than this handful done, I have no idea how to use them. Here’s a mock-up of the repeat in black and white to see how the geometry works out.

bwpineapple Collage

Kinda neat, right? Well, it looks muddy and crowded, if you look at it in color. And I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be how this quilt turns out. However, you have my word that this will not be my last pineapple shindig. I am enrapt.

Still unsure about how to pull this collection of individually thrilling little guys together into something bigger that works. Mulling mulling mulling…but not paralyzed. I decided to try stuff out and get a better feel for the terrain. First up? Go BIG!

Oddly enough, it takes and hour to make a 12″ (improv) block too. [See the orange one below. Blue one for size comparison.]

Pineapple perspective.

Been wanting to try my hand at designing with pineapple blocks for a while now, though experimenting with ideas that have been rattling around for years only means that a zillion new ideas crop up and haunt one. And, of course, none of this is my goal. Ooops.

More pineapples and log cabins are to come. And October is festival season and my calendar is bursting at the seams. Soon some sheep, wool, and wool-loving friends… there’ll be more to discuss.

It also turns out that having the time to do some work for RealJob that is quite fulfilling means that I definitely work way more hours than usual and, from time to time, feel the same level of stress. What’s great is that the work is so enjoyable that the time investment isn’t painful and the stress in this moment is anxious energy spent on things that actually matter.

Anyway…off to fret productively. Have a great week!