If so, then you might happen upon three of my quilts at the International Quilt Festival!

Two of them are Tune in Next Week in the Modern Quilt Showcase and Boys Don’t Make Passes in the Life Begins at 40 exhibition.

The third is technically still embargoed and the rules say I can’t show you until next week. Sometimes I’m a goofy rule-follower and stuff. Ugh.

A sneak peek can’t hurt?

In Hogtown

It’s in the Farm to Fabric exhibit at the festival. And well, you can already see the full quilt on various social media sites.

Anyway, it’s a small improv log cabin quilt with logs as small as 1/8″ wide. And there’s a story to go along with it and stuff. But I guess I won’t break the rules.

Going to Houston? Let me know. I’ll be popping in too.