Well, the pastels have taken hold and I kind of feel like I need to see how this palette can play out. It’s almost over…I think.

more pastels

Of course, those logs average 1/8″ wide. Just realized that there are a few different syndromes (pastels, log cabins, small piecing) intersecting at the moment.

Send help.

Here’s some stuff you might find interesting.

— Come slow stitch with me and my friends in Maine next August! Retreat info here or learn about all the events at A Gathering of Sttiches. I’ll be teaching about small piecing and just having fun meeting up with fellow stitching enthusiasts.

— I enjoyed this interview with Chloe Giordano over on TextileArtist. She does some amazing small-scale thread painting of cute things. The site overall is a source of infinite inspiration. Linger a while and discover some new-to-you textile artists.

— At the Houston International Quilt Festival in October, there were some photo-realistic quilts that brewed up conversation. The inevitable trend is to value more realistic representations and I wonder then why one would need the quilt at all. Why not just stick with the photo? There’s talk about originality and art (with photos of the quilts in question) and inspriation versus copying. There is much to discuss, actually, and it will be fun to see how the trend develops under more impassioned scrutiny now.

— A bit out of left field, but recent ads for brown (so-called chocolate) diamonds creep me out. I’ve been lost down a rabbit hole reading up on the current state of the diamond trade. This classic account from 1982 sums it up nicely and is in no way out of date. By the way, the brown ones are industrial diamonds that are in extreme surplus and for use in monstrous cutting machines; there is no luxury value but still all the drawbacks of this industry.

— Ending on a lighter note… I am still captivated by this beautiful infographic that begins to explain varying cultural connotations of colors.

Have a great week!!