I’m enjoying the conversations sparked by the snippets from this linkage post from a couple days ago. In particular, I think the questions about photo-realistic quilts bring up issues of divisions within the quilt community and spotlight the (perceived-by-some) isolation of art quilts within the art world. Is the goal to showcase impeccable technique, or to interpret and express something, or both? Every participant will choose differently but I hope the discussion continues.

Just wanted to pop in with some more snippets, while the pastels keep clogging my synapses.


— Last week we joined in on this blog hop and a few folks tagged themselves. Check out Leanne’s stunning circles and dense quilting and Patty’s modern quilting and Maryse’s bold woolen colors.

— Vi Hart has done it again with an absolutely adorable and wonderfully illustrative game theory infographic that begins to demonstrate tendency to segregate among populations.

— I love learning more about others’ process for creative work. So often we just see final products magically appear online, missing out on the journey that’s often more fascinating. This short thread-painting video fills the void a little.