Thanks for your patience with the bombardment of quilts. This is more of a “process blog space” and it feels weird to present works with just a BLAMMO quickie post. If you’re interested in my process, I share quick peeks on Instagram (@cauchycomplete). Those images reappear here sometimes, but with more deliberation than I bother to tap out on my phone over there.

Here’s another log cabin neighborhood quilt, in progress. It’s big and needs a couple of rivers attached. But its greatest virtue is that I incorporated three separate works-in-progress to get it going. My angst about unfinished things just decreased a bit.

a neighborhood

There’s a simultaneous sense of diversity and non-diversity of the people in the place where I live, but I decided to try to represent how the differences come together as a group, separate and united. There’s more going on off-screen in this photo. We’ll see if I can figure out how to make a river…and then we can discuss more.

The lack of diversity and the presence of difference was remarkable to me in another of my communities. Over on Instagram, the #HelloQuiltCon hashtag illustrates this well. I am at once alienated by the grouping and heartened by the diversity of intent and values under the surface of it.

some quilters

Forgive me; this is a gut reaction.

I have much to say, more specifically, about many dimensions of the demographics of the quilter world. [This all applies to other maker communities, so just insert your favorite genre in exchange for quilter.] But today it’s all a jumble in my head as QuiltCon nears and I am reminded of how the last one went for me—both on-site and in the aftermath. Being generous, I attribute much of the negativity to willful non-acknowledgement that we are all different from each other but also that we are the same.

Many conflicts can be avoided or resolved peacefully and productively once we recognize how we can differ, avoid projecting stereotypes, and interact with care with individuals. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of non-exclusive categories.
We quilters are: female, male, transgender, straight, gay, bisexual, white, black, southern, yankee, Asian, American, Australian, Greek, anglophone, francophone, religious, atheist, agnostic, spiritual, introverted, extroverted, parents, single-parents, childless, employed, jobless, self-employed, home-schoolers, charitable, selfish, petty, generous, tall, short, skinny, plump, yoga-lovers, yoga-haters, yoga-ambivalent, artists, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, sci-fi fans, sci-fi dismissers, scientists, novelists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, receptionists, librarians, teachers, learners, improvisers, pattern-followers, loners, joiners, cotton-pickers, nitpickers, nose pickers, modern, traditional, contemporary, organized, cluttered, conservative, liberal, centrist, apolitical, tired, energized, healthy, sick, poor, rich, economically comfortable, strivers, seekers, travelers, home-bodies, competitive, settled, independent, queen bees, wannabes, jerks, patchworkers, designers, longarmers, hand-quilters, hand-piecers, slow stitchers, quickie quilters,…

In the immortal words of Rodney King, “can’t we all just get along?”