Been feeling all wobbly again, so spending more time reading and pondering. Thought it’d be interesting to share some links today. And because every post needs a photo, here’s a glimpse of the indigo dyeing that happened yesterday.

indigo dyeing

– I’ve been smitten with the podcast 99% Invisible for a long while and even donated to their Kickstarter last year. Consistently educational nuggets about the elements of design in everyday life that we often don’t notice.

— A novel approach to the issue of colorism in this comic about skin tone in Marvel comics. Passing has been on my mind a lot lately, though more immediately dealing with rejection due to not being dark enough actually. All of us humans are a bit effed up on skin tone and it doesn’t seem to be changing.

— My new quilter hero is Yvonne Wells. (BEWARE: link automatically opens a (loud-ish) video; turn down your volume first)

—- These Canadian landscapes are breathtaking and feel a bit like quilter pr0n. So verdant and geometric.

Have a great weekend!