I’m in the middle of a sewing marathon trying to finish up one last quilt for the Chicago show (in a couple weeks…!). Just a little update…

Breaking Bad freaked me out at first in season 1 with the gore of melting bodies in bathtubs that fall through ceilings and sludge and…ewwwwwww! But a new friend suggested that I press on through because the relationships take over. Trust is not easy when it comes to potential nightmare fodder, but I don’t really “watch” tv while sewing and, well, I needed something just to keep playing in the background. Turns out to have been a good idea. It’s a great show!

And someday I might actually put down the needles and watch it fully.


(My sewing room setup is a mish-mash. The ironing board is right in front of the tv. Sometimes the progress stacks overtake the screen completely.)

Meanwhile, the top is assembled and now it’s paper-pickin’ time. Then baste, quilt, face, block, sleeve (this one and a few others, eek!), and ship—within in the next 8 days. *fingers crossed!*