Thanks for the kinds comments on That 70s Blanket. It was a simple knit that kept me occupied back in the the days of winter when I was sick. Glad to put that aside for a while. Whew.

Right now I’m transitioning back into the rigors of my full RealJob after spending a year away. It’s nice to be back but takes some adjusting. Particularly, I’ve been reticent to sew. Not quite burnout, but I definitely did it intensively for long sustained periods of time and, well, I don’t really miss it yet. Will get back down to bizness soon. Here’s a recent doodle. just so we have a photo today.


How about some linkage?

  • Come sew with me and Carolyn Friedlander in Maine next month. In small classes we’ll explore the design and tricks to piecing small things and using small piecing in mixed-size layouts to enhance the impact. It’ll be a fun hands-on time!
  • This person seems to have just noticed all the granny square blankets on sitcoms. It’s a weird observation because they seem hostile (?) about them? I dunno.
  • Was sad to read that Miriam Schapiro passed away. She was an interesting character in the development of what would become “feminist art” and used the repeated pattern forms of stitchery in her paintings and collages. She’s a new hero in my pantheon of folks to revere.
  • As usual, I have no affiliation but have to tell you about CW Pencil Enterprise. It’s a shop for new and vintage pencils and pencil paraphernalia. I haven’t purchased from them. It’s just that the site is pencil pr0n. SO MANY happy pencils and possibilities!

Have an excellent weekend!