Some random not very deep thoughts on fabric and stuff.

Been dyeing loads of indigo yardage and contemplating dunking my entire stash at once. Lately, I just keep chipping away at a few stacks of solids and semisolids adding more colors here and there. Not touching prints cached away long ago really makes one see the rookie purchase mistakes…yikes. Pretty sure an all-blue stash won’t fix those errors, however. So considering how to clear the shelves of fabrics and guilt is my next big project.

Playing around.

Just playing around in found moments, though, I’m still sewing. Not quite at “burn out,” it’s definitely a low in the pendulum swing around here. Just doodling and seeking the next spark.

Instead I’m feeling inspired by:

…these ladies telling the truth.

…this sparkly protrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer and the painful story of how it came to live in NYC.

…this surprisingly engaging and funny talk about the awful designs of city flags.

Have a great week!