Well, I’ve been on an odyssey I’d love to tell you all about but that’ll have to wait until next week. The short version? Maine is awesome (in early August) and it turns out that I love teaching design. More later.

Wanna peek of my current WIP?


Umm, yeah, the small triangles are small…very small. And I’m addicted to this.

How about some faves to explore?

  • I’m unendingly mesmerized by these aerial views on Google Earth. Be sure to click the arrows on the sides to see a new random image. Every. single. one. is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Some are surprising. And it’s now my go-to site for moments of disengagement.
  • I’ve got a little design-educator crush on Roman Mars of the 99% Invisible podcast. (I linked to his TED talk on city flags recently.) This older episode on barbed wire has stuck with me for a long while. Even reading a book about the history of barbed wire now just for fun.
  • What if we revered teachers the way we worship professional athletes? Key and Peele show us how they think it’d play out. (The BMW ad at the end is part of the sketch.)

See you next week!