Thanks for your kind comments about the tiny piecing and thanks for your patience as I slowly learn how to juggle more bits of RealLife.

It took me a while to figure out decent handwork projects that are small and portable enough for planes and hotels. This improvisational stitchery is just absorbing enough but simple to pick up and put down. Not sure what to do once it’s done, but it’s lovely to do for now.


How about some links to things I’ve liked lately?

— There’s a brand new interview with me over on What’s Your Story?. Meighan and I talked about a little bit of everything: quilt controversies, math and girls, home ec, shootings, etc. And then she edited it into this cohesive nugget. I hope you listen. xo

— I’m also having fun picking and choosing episodes of Here’s the Thing, Alec Baldwin’s podcast. There are some intriguing interviews and nice kernels of truth to follow up on in every episode.

— Should I try again to knit a sweater? I’ve had only spectacular fails in this realm, but this pattern is more like a slanket, right? Hmm…what could go wrong?

— Or should I just go for a blanket directly? this one is like a warm rococo cupcake…in the best way.

Have a great week!