How’s that for a rude way to sum up a visit to Austin, TX? Lol.

Due to RealLife intervening, I missed out on scheduled trips to teach in Los Angeles and Chattanooga, but everything worked out to get to spend a few days last week with the amazing folks in the Austin MQG. And now I’m a member of their guild. Yay!

Let’s see…how about some photos to stroll through?

I got up before the crack of dawn. Although there was a pack mule-ish struggle to drag 100 pounds of quilts and fabrics and samples in my suitcases, the flights were smooth and karma was on my side.

Austin 2016

The layover was even just long enough for a civilized breakfast. Whew.

Austin 2016

Through several not-so-subtle hints I let my hosts know that BBQ was imperative and it was the first stop after leaving the airport!

Austin 2016

Followed by a leisurely browsing of Hill Country Weavers. I only bought one ball of sock yarn. Really, it was hard not to buy one of everything.

Austin 2016

They put me up in a hipster hotel, Lone Star Court, that was super fun in its design, staff, and fellow travelers. There even was a full-sized Smeg fridge in the room, jam-packed with booze I didn’t touch. Austin is decidedly not chilly in summer…ahem…so ceiling fans in the outdoor walkways were also much appreciated. I’d love to stay there again. Kitsch gets me every time.

The first night I gave a lecture (with trunk show) all about my social justice quilts at the monthly guild meeting. Don’t you love this mural on the public library?

Austin 2016

I dropped an f-bomb or two.

Austin 2016

(photo by Ang (Bunny) Milliman)

And then we got serious.

Austin 2016

(photo by Amanda Hohnstreiter)

Little did we know this conversation was at the same time as the Dallas sniper attack.

So…I’ll wait to rant about the astounding horror of the past week in our nation. There’s artwork in the works in response and it’s best that I work through my thoughts before speaking.

It was a generous luxury to get to escape into sewing small things in my class the next day. Someone even showed up with hot Krispy Kreme donuts and soothed my nerves with sugar! Yay, indeed!


And the lovely and amazing Kathy York was a natural at the small stuff, of course. It was fun to goof off with her too.

Austin 2016

There were tacos from Torchy’s and more BBQ from Rudy’s and fajitas at Lupe’s. Austin is a great foodie town. I write this as I munch on a kale salad, recovering from the weekend. Whew.

We’re almost through…I promise.

Then the next day I taught hand quilting in this amazing sunny space at the local botanical gardens. It was fun, relaxing and productive.

Austin 2016

Right? The Austin MQG is a welcoming, open-minded, class act. I feel enormously honored to have been invited to spend time with them all. So I joined.


Thanks again to the board and all the members for having me as your guest for a few days! I kinda want to be there for the next meeting.

So what’s next?

— There’s still room in the Slow Stitching Retreat in Maine in early August.

— And there’s still room in my Saturday class at QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah, GA.

— Oh, and I’ve been sewing some other doodles and stuff. We’ll be back with more updates on the blog soon.

Thanks for being here! And have an excellent week! xo