I always say that procrastination will ultimately cause my downfall. So much RealJob work to do that my house is getting some much-needed tidying and more stitches are getting done. We call it productive procrastination around these parts, but really only to make me feel better about putting off important things.

Here’s a little update on the making of stuff… I’m really only finding time for this stitchery of my mug.

bits of me

And then my mother went and started making an Xmas present for me, so it only seemed right to start up a quickie blanket for her. She likes acrylic; that’s what she gets. Does that win me brownie points for being a good kid?

preparing for xmas

Actually, this particular yarn isn’t so squeaky. It’s splitty, but manageable.

Oh, and while traveling recently I crossed the threshold into Platinum Elite status with airline points and discovered there was an unfortunate hole in my pants. GracefulElegance is my middle name, folks. Truly.

patching myself up

But I patched it up with some boro and sashiko. There’ll be some more. Seems like a good idea to turn this into a project? I have some patching and embroidery ideas in mind. All very impractical, as usual. We’ll see.

Speaking of surreal and inelegant…I’m gonna be on the teevee!

gonna be on the teevee!

Fresh Quilting is a new venture of the MQG and others, sponsored by Brother and others, that will be on PBS and online starting in February. Based on the segments I watched being filmed, it promises to be a sweet new show. I’ll keep you updated on this as I am.

The inelegant part? Meh. Wearing make-up for the first time, crying ineffectual tears of rage, you know, the usual. But I think it all worked out. It is very professionally produced and I don’t think I screwed up too goofy-ly.

Have a great week, friends! xo