I dunno. This making thing isn’t so simple to integrate into RealLife sometimes but the doing of it certainly makes getting through RealLife smoother. So a girl’s gotta make and then deal with the bottlenecks.

Last weekend I agreed to make a quickie small quilt for a friend for an exhibit. Since I’m in the midst of a studio sweep, there were some great recently excavated bits and pieces to choose from. Here’s one in situ years ago.

a glimpse of process too

It was a thrill to experiment with this idea, but I’d abandoned it for less meticulous pursuits. Ahem…there may have been intensive use of tweezers to get placements just right…yikes. Sadly, I am feeling enticed back to the technique, since it’s hard to take the crazy out of this girl.

Anyway, works-in-progress age well sometimes, don’t they?

In shadows

Here’s a small 7×10″ quilted piece. I call it In Shadows since that was the original intent of that section of the larger design. Darkness can seem flat color-wise, but there are really layers of colors to delight in at the boundaries with light. This is just a snippet.

In shadows

How about some links to stuff?

  • My work has been selected to be in a book! It’s an honor to be in company with these artists, from 1960-present.
  • So much of my post-election life is described in I’m Not Your Racial Confessor. I carry on through the disappointment with my grandmother as my inspiration; she dealt with far worse adversity and it would be enormously disrespectful not to just meet the world with all the dignity and respect I can muster. It’s especially not easy to keep marching while others try to enforce their much misguided stereotypical expectations of you. [There’s so much at play here and not enough time to write deeply this morning. Read the piece, please. We’ll talk more later.]
  • And as my feeling of isolation at RealJob intensify, this bit of real-talk about faculty diversity just confirms what some of us have known for a long time.
  • To end this navel-gazing on a higher note, here’s a think piece on how we construct our autobiographical narratives. These narratives are manifestations and reinforcements of identity. Of course, there’s a quilt brewing in this idea…

Have a lovely day!