So this is the one formerly known as the Compost Quilt–there’s a tutorial at that link. Started back on August 20, 2011, according to my flickr photo diary, I was partially inspired by Tonya’s Lego Quilt which was inspired by a vintage quilt. It’s just an orgy of scraps cut into 1.5″ wide strips and sewn together into rail fence or log cabin blocks.

Compost Quilt: the top so far

I finished the 72 x 60″ top in September 2011 and there it sat while I was obsessed with sewing smaller things. Finally let my longarmer, Pamela J. Cole take care of bizness for me in 2015.

For A

Omg, the creepy kitties! They just stare and stare and stare…

creepy kitty

Goodness, those are big pieces. It’s amazing how perspective changes.

For A

And it sat until this weekend in February 2017 when I needed a quilt for a friend starting chemo soon. Quickly finished the frankenbinding so a scrappy hug can be a comfort to her.

For A

Six years isn’t too bad for a pile of fabric bits to become a quilt, right?