Hey folks! Just popping in with a few notes. First is that I was interviewed last week by a few colleagues on their local-ish podcast, Various Breads and Butters. At that link you can hear us chat about naughty quilts, math, knitting and stuff.

Luckily they edit out my major stumbles. And one of them was going blank on the names of other podcasts I listen to while quilting. Over the summers I tend to sample widely to get a feel for some new ones and then settle in to go deep with a few. Once school starts back up I get really queasy watching them pile up in my queue, so I start deleting. Can you see the cycle there? Makes for a lack of loyalty and some difficulty recalling names quickly.

Here’s an unrelated photo.

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But there are a few I listen in on regularly…

— Shout out again to Various Breads and Butters. I listened back into the archive and these guys, Ben and Simon, interview locals mainly. It’s just fun to hear your friends and students in a different setting.

— It’s been hard to find a podcast about race that’s broad enough to remember there’s more than two races, but Code Switch really hits all the buttons, with regular conversations about modern issues of just getting through the day in our society while on the brown spectrum. Similarly, I think that W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu are fairly good at laying out issues for their mostly white audience on Politically Reactive.

— Few comedian’s podcasts tend to stick for me. Some exceptions are Marc Maron’s WTF for his open insecurity [the Obama and Terry Gross episodes are still biggies in my memory]; Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird for the bits of spirituality chat thrown in; and Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson’s 2 Dope Queens for their pearl-clutching honesty about everything and for the stand-ups.

— I’ve definitely gushed about 99% Invisible here on the blog before. Each episode is a fine tuned nugget about design features one might overlook. Just listen to Roman Mars go on and on about flags to see what I mean. And he has a chilling spin-off podcast What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law that’s equally worthy of your attention.

— For just good interviews? I like any Terry Gross interview on Fresh Air; she’s a national treasure and she’s pocket-sized. Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing can be hit or miss for me, but the recent Audra McDonald conversation is one that slowed me down to stop stitching and just be there for her. And I’m really hoping that The Hilarious World of Depression returns soon. An odd combo when you first hear the title, there turns out to be an interesting connection between comedy and depression and these interviews with comedians are quite honest and inspiring.

Seems like enough for now. What do you listen to whether while making/crafting or not?