I dunno, friends. When it rains, it pours. With the good comes the bad. This too shall pass. The best is yet to come. Gimme another cliche!

You know, stuff happens. And then other stuff happens. And in the best of times we rise to the challenges and accept the defeats with grace. So here’s my week in a nutshell.

  • Survived the first week of school, just barely and then hunkered down to rediscover the healing power of sticks and string.


  • Spent a restless and impatient Sunday trying not to hurt anyone. Success was marginal. Missed connections in conversations are misery. Wish I’d have initiated the meta-conversation a couple of times there. I’ll do better.
  • Labored on Labor Day, a day of glorious weather thumbing its nose at those required to work inside. Did I mention it was Labor Day? At least there was cake. CAKE.
  • Umm, I have a few quilts in this Quilts and Human Rights exhibit in Dekalb, IL just outside of Chicago. And, umm, well Jesse Jackson did the keynote for the opening. (Congrats to Laura Hopper for curating the show and arranging for the Jackson experience. Special thanks also to Sara Trail for face-timing me in and texting me photos and commentary all day.)
    • [I also apologize to my colleagues who kindly looked at this photo every time I squealed all day and shoved it in their faces. It is not my practice to be so open about this around RealJob. So if I showed it to you then that means you’re special to me in some way and my gratitude for your support knows no bounds. Thanks!]
    • If you’re in the Chicago area, be sure to catch this show. And if you’re around in early October, we could meet up at my lectures on campus.

Eric G and Jesse

  • Got to connect and reconnect with students, faculty and staff colleagues I’ve just met or missed over the summer break. There are so many more to meet up with and I’m anxious to check in on everyone. But I always remind myself that we have the rest of our lives…we really do. This one is vague because it’s something I’m working on. More later.

MDK Field Guide

  • Navel-gazed about identity in a place where difference isn’t easy; about being one’s true self rather than attempting to be innocuously integrative; about ambition versus safety; about safety and the basics; about safety; about hatred; about elitism; about protection; and about being me despite it all.
  • And found out that there’s a profile of me and my work in the October/November issue of Quilting Arts. I haven’t yet seen the spread but it was a better-than-good interview experience. Thanks, Cate!
  • Tracked TWO menacing storms (or a storm and an aftermath) down south and started remotely coordinating an evacuation effort that started convoying tonight. *fingers crossed*
    • And sorry for bugging all my Houston-area folks. [Glad you’re all okay!] Now hoping all the hopes that my Florida friends and family are and remain safe in the coming days.

Be well, friends!