On Friday I drove a few hours over to my exhibition in Connecticut. (One was a harrowing hour on I-95 during which I saw my life pass before my eyes a few times, but otherwise a smooth travel day. My return trip was on the Merritt Parkway, a much less frightening route.)

There were so many students and faculty and staff and friends to talk to that I didn’t take photos after my initial arrival. Noticing my name on the thingy…marquee thingy, I felt myself duck. Friends, my physical reaction was to hide! Instead I stopped in the middle of that crosswalk for a quick snap.

At Choate

Of course, it’s pretty amazing to see my name—SPELLED CORRECTLY!—like that. It’s still not something I think of as me, as who I am. It may never be.

At the same time, I felt all kinds of pride to find my quilts hanging in the lovely space. There are 12 up; this is just a glimpse.

At Choate

At Choate

While I am honored that several friends joined me at the reception last week, the best part was getting to interact with a group of visual arts students. They’re very bright and curious. Despite trying my best not to, a few f-bombs had to drop in order to mention some of the work and the impact. They took it in stride as the academic discourse it was meant to be. And I look forward to seeing what they create in the future!

The quilts are up through February. Stop by if you’re nearby.

if you're nearby...

Have a great week!