Opened up WordPress today to a notice that this is the 11th anniversary of this blog. That hardly seemed right, but then I counted on my fingers. One of things that make you say hmmm…. This is a space where longform writing about ideas, issues, and art can happen and I am grateful that some drop in to listen from time to time.

are you?

More than ever I’m biting off more than I can chew at RealJob and in RealLife and the art is what takes the hit. But luckily airport and airplane time is captive time when it can flow and my book bag holds multitudes of things for making: crochet hooks, yarn ball, felt, scissors, needle, thread, snacks, books, stuff. Always be prepared.

This has resulted in several projects built on similar themes that are on the cusp of progress. This one depicted here is ready for the quilting step despite giving me disturbingly blue hands from the dye crocking while applying the letters. Meh. It’s just a practice piece that won’t be washed.

Anyway, I keep staring at my calendar and wondering when there will be time. It’ll be all about the captive travel moments and found moments here and there to move things forward from now on. And maybe I’ll start writing a bit more to remind myself why we do this.