Back in the day, truly not very long ago, a weekend brought a mini-renewal so that by Monday my world was metaphorically reset to a tidy box of tools ready to go. And of course it’d be super frazzled and ransacked by Friday, but then there’d be time over the weekend to tidy back up. I’m pretty much always an actual and metaphorical mess and just hope to find my way to just see past this very moment.

going grey/gray

Back then there’d even be the option to take the time to watch nature’s tv at the window. And then indulge some long lingering moments wondering at the splendor of it all. This was a very wet snow that plopped down quickly overnight.

going grey/gray

Okay, this Southern girl is always going to gawk at snow. Almost two decades in this frozen world hasn’t left me jaded. I’m more capable of managing the stuff, less and less tolerant of being cold, but still impressed by Seussical frosting formations on the trees and bushes and in awe of the stunning brightness of the sun reflected in the white terrain.

Anyway, back in the day, I’d have taken the time to research the difference between grey and gray just to have that nugget of knowledge to drop here and then on all my friends and family like the good nerd I am. I’m still super curious to know and will go google after writing this because not knowing will eat at me all day now that I’ve asked out loud. Okay…wait a minute.

going grey/gray


Hmm…they are the same–not very interesting. And it’s not totally an American English distinction since apparently one spelling became more popular centuries ago. I never remember which is preferred (gray) but the auto-spell-checks will sometimes choose one and so I go with the other just out of spite. Machines cannot control me!


Just the color grey/gray. And I love finding grey tones like a soft lavender or dusty green. They blend and accent in greyscale in surprisingly effective ways.

Can’t wait to start this new project, a meditation on when one’s world shrinks and every moment is a shade of grey. It’s gonna be a long-term series. More later.