So…I hope you had a great holiday weekend. It was finally a bit warmer here with wonderful sun, though there might be some more snow tonight. I’m keeping my eye on the approach of summer. It’ll be here soon. It will.

Dyed some eggs because had some food dye and eggs. Almost never have both. Hooray for getting to play with food!

Happy Holidays!

But the big achievement of the weekend was binding a big quilt.


You see, a vintage quilt top came in the mail a couple of months ago from my nonagenarian godmother. This godmother is the one who taught me to cross-stitch when I was 10. Here’s a photo of her amid her life-long quest to cover her local church in her own hand-stitched needlepoint designs. So maybe I also learned a bit of her instinct for the over-the-top?

My godmother and her stitchery

She also was present for my rather dramatic entrance into the world and helped keep me alive that first week. So I may or may not owe her a few times over.

Hence I was honored when my godmother asked to help her get a quilt top finished into a use-able quilt. With an assist from a speedy longarmer, this quilt is on its way back to her in record time.

Godmother's grandmother's quilt

The top was made by her grandmother at the start of the 20th century; maybe in the 30’s. A lovely machine-pieced patchwork that my godmother had just tucked in a corner of her house for the past many decades. It was smelly and has just a small quarter-sized stain and a little bit of fading in one border. And now it’s snuggle-ready!

Have a great week, friends!