Well, the year is coming to an end…within the next four weeks, that is. But it’ll be palpable soon and the long warm break will be here. Whew. This one was a doozy. Again. Another doozy. Gonna have to stop calling them “doozies” if they become the norm.

More and more I have some thoughts about whether these are survivable or if it might be best to put down the chalk midstream and just walk away. More of a fantasy and a symptom than anything. However there’s just something “off.”


Another thing that’s very much off is my ability to stay up late. So productivity is down to the bare minimum. Airplanes and airports are my only places to sew now.

Well, I did go on a retreat with the Philly MQG a week or so ago and got to commune with the Juki for the first time in a long long long time. There was something comforting in finding the rhythm again. And yet, it felt unnatural. Working slowly by hand might become my main mode. This possibility, of course, doesn’t help with the dip in productivity.

The fabric strips above are from my long neglected stash of my own handdyed indigos. There’s some sign of fading and shelf wear, but otherwise they are glorious tone-on-tone stuff. Looking forward to chopping up that whole stash into tiny pieces and reconstruct them into something someday. Even the cutting is an inspiring step of the process. So there’s some hope that the next steps may actually happen sometime.

We’ll see.

Have a great week, friends!