It’s the final day of classes so it feels a lot like a new dawn is on the way. There are a few more weeks of meetings and exams to go, but we know we’ll survive. The best meetings are canceled meetings, of course, but I think I’ve managed my calendar so that only the most important ones remain. It’ll still be a whirlwind, but one that might not seem to waste time.

Last weekend I started yet another denim quilt. This one is for a commission. I have some severe opinions about the commission and I’ll reserve comment for a while. But for now it’s bringing joy.

Originally my concept was an upcycled orgy of denim and cords and khaki and paper and cork. My aggressive machine piecing veered small and it suddenly didn’t work within the maximum measurements of the commission specs. Sometimes small pieces need a lot of room to show off what they’re doing.


So I switched gears with some fresh denim yardage and some delicate embroidered fabrics. And I wanted to try to find an organic feel in the seams, so I decided to hand sew some large-for-me chunks. The texture of the embroidery brings back the feel of the detail of “smalls” for me without confusing a viewer.

working by hand

I’ve finally finished the last long seam on the top and am eager to begin hand quilting. It will be a struggle to keep that simple and not let another layer of texture overwhelm. Might need to do a practice swatch beforehand…

Have a lovely weekend, friends!