So, in my career tribe, summers are kinda sacred time for self-reflection and indulgence in one’s own research program. We don’t have “time off” but time is flexible in ways that it cannot be within the other nine months of the year. I still have a morning alarm set but tend to wake up hours before it, coaxed into waking by the beautifully insistent and lingering summer sunlight. And then I work all day or not, garden all day or not, read all day or not, you know…just as long as it all balances out over time and stuff gets done.

July 4, however, is sort of a mile-marker and the signal that summer break is waning. For sure, there is still a jam-packed schedule of adventures after that date, but it makes one feel like mid-August and the invasion of students are just a few weeks away…ahem…because they are.

Just got back from Portland, Oregon where much fun and frolic occurred with the Portland MQG. They are a lovely and amazing community of quilters and artists who made me feel included within a minute. I don’t often get to feel that way and so it was ever more special. I did remember to take some photos this time and you can see them over on instagram.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been traveling for family, RealJob, and self-care. There’s always a trip when adequate crafting fails to make it into the bags and so I impulsively start something new. A few weeks ago, I’d stuffed a newly basted quilt into the carry-on and intended to binge-quilt it the whole time. So many delusions of success! Oy. The quilt is dark dark blue, lighting was terrible everywhere, and I ended up with a mess in need of removal. So I set it aside and picked up some fabrics on sale coupled with using a coupon or two.

Denim and linen…yum! Pressed and then shredded with scissors, I sought a rustic and spontaneous look in this hand-pieced work, though it ended up looking rather precise anyway.


All was well in the hotel and great progress was made. But then I realized in the airport that slouchy linen requires an iron to keep things neat and flat. Really a rookie mistake. I shoulda known better.


So instead I finished binding that quilt I’ve been narcissistically flashing at you—way, way ahead of the deadline for the gallery. More on that later.


And then I proceeded to daydream about the next quilt to begin after the dust settles.


Oh, and there was a photoshoot of my quilts and me and stuff. More on that later.

Off to enjoy the next few days before July 4 brings on the extended panic season.