V is the violence,
ever-present relentless,
compels the migrant to leave his home
then looms always in the darkness.

As I mentioned before I have a piece in the Migrant’s Alphabet which is an illustrated social justice book project based on the Quaker Anti-Slavery Alphabet book of 1846.

We were each assigned a letter and what it stood for and then asked to illustrate the letter (in 12″x12″ format) and write the corresponding couplets. I think I had just 3 or 4 weeks to get it done.

I had a flurry of ideas of how to illustrate violence but they’d all require the larger form of work I usually produce. The 12″x12″ constraint is confining for a textile based worker like me. But I figured it out and produced this minimalist reverse applique distressed work. Then I stretched it on a canvas and mailed it off.

V innards

The outer layer is a very old t-shirt from my closet and then there are six layers of felt and shot cotton, slashed and laundered to shrink and distress. For me it is a superhero echo within a hopeless–yet immensely hopeful–enterprise.

V for Violence

Be sure to check out the other work in the show at the Migrant’s Alphabet website and if it travels near you.