Hi Friends! And happy Crafturday…= Saturday of Craft!

I’m longing for some more “found moments” to take up the needles and fiber to say some things, but alas RealJob is real right now. [Not sure why, but grading papers, in particular, is an insurmountable task for me these days. I don’t mind making copious encouraging comments, but assigning points and grades makes me inordinately sad. Procrastinating about grading means a whole lotta other stuff is getting done, however, so it’s not all bad maybe…]


Lately, though, I’ve been knitting as a grand escape from both the heaviness of the themes of my artwork and some self-doubt. I’ll find my way back to sleep deprivation for the sake of the art, but for now the safety of just knitting for warmth and comfort is warm and comforting and keeping me grounded.


Oh, and it’s good for travel, air travel. I was handsewing for a while there, but turbulence is no good if you are eager for straight lines in your work. Knitting is more forgiving when the plane ride gets bumpy.


Blankets, of course, because they are big and big enough to keep me warm in my old, poorly insulated home. And because they leave room to used more colors at once.

And baby sweaters, because they make me feel capable of actually finishing something. They’re small! And cute!


I’ll find my way back to quilting in a few days, actually. My Juki is calling to me and some deadlines are looming.


Have a lovely weekend,

PS: If you’re in the NY area, you might want to journey to Auburn, NY for the annual juried show, Quilts=Art=Quilts. I have a couple of pieces in there. Show starts today and continues through Jan 6.