Finished that quilt I flashed yesterday. It’s got some words on it and stuff. I loved the process on it so much that I stretched it out over more months than it required. It’s a good thing; I think it’s better because I spent more time thinking deeply about how to construct it.

Here’s the pile of five quilts finished in the past five months.

indigo stack

Seems to be something of a trend going on over here?

Anyway, they all need sleeves in the next day or so because they are headed into a solo exhibition at the Grossman Gallery at Lafayette College starting later this week. I’m calling it Cottoning On and you can find info about the show and location at this link. It’ll be up June 7-July 27, with reception on June 28 during 5-8pm. The artist talk will be on July 9 at 7:30pm in the same space.

Hope to see you there!