It’s inordinately difficult to know what to say today, one week after George Floyd was killed in broad daylight in Minneapolis, sparking off a week of peaceful protests (in 111 cities) some of which were hijacked and turned into riots by extremists. Oh, and let’s not forget that this is all amid the COVID-19 global pandemic.


One can get disproportionately enrapt with just one of the many issues at hand and come away with a shallow and/or distorted understanding of what, exactly, is happening here and now. We all, myself included, need to take some slow breaths (if we can) and slow down to focus. There’s far too much happening to us at once.

You need to do something. You must do something, no matter who you are.

Do not ask me what to do.

Figure it out.

I’ll be back.


Consider joining me for a discussion of textiles and social justice, hosted by the Vermont MQG; admission is $10 and once my fee is paid, all further proceeds are being donated to the Social Justice Sewing Academy, Black Lives Matter Vermont, and Third Street Alliance (a shelter in Easton, PA). Info and registration here.