In this project, a group of quilters challenge several boundary notions about quilts. Now that text in designs is acceptable, should the text be censored? We express our potty-mouths in patchwork using the ultimate in four-letter words.

Here is a round-up of the posts about this project.

guest post on WhipUp
clarification for WhipUp post for those who assume all quilters are not African-American
dust-settling postscript

Block 1
Block 2
Blocks 3-4
Blocks 5-6
Blocks 7-9
Blocks 10-12
Blocks 13-15
Blocks 16-19
Blocks 20-23
Blocks 24-27
Blocks 28-33
Blocks 35-40
Blocks 41-47
Blocks 48-51
Block 52
Block 53

Thoughts about sashing
Beginning to build
Quilt top done
All quilted; awaiting binding
binding binding binding

Give a F*ck: all done

f*ckin’ done

On display at QuiltCon in Austin, February 2013:

QuiltCon kerfuffle?
The quilt in the foreground is called Cancer Sucks and was made by the Austin MQG for one of its members. It was designed by Bobbi Brekke and Heather Scrimsher.

did someone say “kerfuffle”?, a denouement